Earlier the senior officials of the big companies did have a single goal for the organization as well as themselves, which is stability. But the shareholders always wanted some more than the mere earnings that are predicted. It was easier for the leaders to deliver through these predictions as they had to do certain simple modifications in their plan and strategy. Everything seemed to be in a modest condition and life was tension free. But change management is demanding certain changes and the organizations got to adapt them by hook or by crook to sustain themselves in the market. So let us know about some of the principles.

Proper handling of human issues

This is the most important point. An organization most important asset is its employees. Any significant change will affect them the most. For example different people will be given chances to come up and lead, certain new work skills and abilities will be expected to improve and hence the uncertainties of the employees will increase and thus they will become more resistant. The morale of the people get affected. Keeping these factors in mind Dale carnegie change management should come into play in a predefined and formal way so that the change moves smoothly throughout the organization.


Change should always begin from the top

It is obvious that whenever any changes appear, it causes a total unsettlement for the people working in the organization. Many things will be in helter skelter. For re arrangement of all the disturbed parts people will definitely turn to the leader for any kind of support. If the leaders are adaptable to the changes easily then he will be a great motivation for the others. In this way the leader can carry the whole organization in a united manner.


Each and every layer should be considered in the changes taking place

Any type of transformation or change when comes defines various strategies and sets targets for designing and finally to implement them. It is obvious that these sort of changes will affect the whole organization. If leaders has to be changed then not a single portion of the organization should be deprived of this chance and showcase their talent to be a leader. Moreover whoever is found to be eligible for such a position he should be well encouraged and motivated to carry out his duties in a proper way.


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